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Winter women's parka new collection FW 23/24
We are proud to present the new Parka FW 23/24 collection. The collection was entirely designed in Italy with the aim of  creating unique, high-quality parkas that are versatile and reflect the modern and dynamic lifestyle of the people who wear...
Natural fur is biodegradable
Natural fur is a sustainable fashion material that can be reabsorbed into the cycle of nature through biodegradation. A renewable resource with exceptional thermal qualities, natural fur also has far less impact on landfills and the oceans than synthetic alternatives,...
Real fur parka 5 reasons to have it and 5 ways to wear it with style
Here are 5 good reasons  1. It's very hotIn winter, it's good to focus on a parka with a fur lining. Nothing to do with the coat or down jacket  in your parka, you will have the sensation of being in a sauna: hot, hot,...
PARKAS for all seasons

The new women's parkas are  Made in Italy parka  for all seasons, in fact, both the internal lining in ecofur and the sleeves are removable to thus make the parka light and also suitable for the Spring Summer season 

There are many models available with beautiful trimmings applied both on the neck and on the cuffs

With the Parka Four Season we wanted to create a sporty and versatile product suitable for all seasons and Ecological 

The outer fabric is made of wind and water resistant polycotton and equipped with various features to ensure superior protection from the uncertainties of the weather.
The drawstring waist allows you to adjust the fit to your needs