Real fur parka 5 reasons to have it and 5 ways to wear it with style

Here are 5 good reasons 

1. It's very hot
In winter, it's good to focus on a parka with a fur lining. Nothing to do with the coat or down jacket  in your parka, you will have the sensation of being in a sauna: hot, hot, hot!

2. It is loved by influencers
The Parka  ​​is the most loved by influencers. Where do they find another glam jacket that keeps them warm enough to allow them not to wear socks in any temperature?

3. It hardly goes out of fashion
The parka with fur is always in fashion, it can undergo ups and downs in popularity, but it will never fall into oblivion. At worst, you can always use it in the mountains!

4. It is reusable even in spring
Our models are all with lining and sleeves and removable fur so you will have two jackets in one: the heavier one for winter and the lighter one for the start of summer.

5. It is extremely versatile!
Our parkas with fur are extremely versatile, you can wear it as you prefer, in fact all the fur parts are removable

HERE ARE 5 Ways to wear it 

1-Casual - Remove the front and cuffs and you have a super sporty parka

2-Contrasting colors- Wear the colors you want to make a nice contract and be unique in your style

3- Evening dress - You have an evening party dressed lightly with the parka complete with fronts and cuffs you will be super elegant

4-Hiking boots -The parka is perfect to be worn over amphibians, perhaps with leggings or without socks 

5-As you want - Feel free to wear your parka as you want, you will be beautiful